Clinton Won South Carolina’s Primary

Time: 10:03 a.m. CEST

Hillary Clinton won in South Carolina’s primary on Saturday with strong support from black voters against Bernie Sanders, the Time publishes. Clinton won with an overwhelming margin of some 50 points with most precincts reporting, the Time said.

“Today you sent a message: In America, when we stand together, there is no barrier to big break,” Clinton said. “We have now gone through four early states, and I want to congratulate Senator Sanders on running a great race. And tomorrow, this campaign, goes national!”

 Senator Sanders released a statement after the polls closed. “Let me be clear one thing tonight. This campaign is just beginning,” Sanders said, adding, “We won a decisive victory in New Hampshire. She won a decisive victory in South Carolina. Now it is on to Super Tuesday,” Sanders said.

The New York Times explained that Clinton’s strong support among black voters would serve as the biggest roadblock to Sanders’ chances for a surge in the weeks ahead. Advisers to Clinton believe she would win Sanders in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia, which have contests on Tuesday and to capture at the end 2, 383 delegates needed for the Democratic nomination, the Times writes. About 880 Democratic delegates are at stake on Super Tuesday.


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