President Obama Gives Chance To Ceasefire in Syria

Time: 12:51 a.m. CEST

“If implemented, the ceasefire could save lives,” Obama said on Syria in a statement delivered from the State Department on Thursday.

A day before the a two-week ceasefire and halting of hostilities should begin in Syria, President Barack Obama expressed his opinion that “if implemented-that if is significant- the cessation could reduce the violence, get more food and aid to the Syrians desperately needed.”

President Obama gave an statement on Thursday from the State Department after the meeting he had with his national security team to discus current situation with the fight to destroy ISIL and ceasefire in Syria. The U.S. would do everything it can to maximize the chances to success of this ceasefire, Obama explained. Obama repeated what was previously agreed in Vienna, that the ceasefire does not include Islamic State group.

“The secession of hostilities scheduled for midnight tomorrow is potential step to bring an end to chaos,” Obama said. But, the President said the U.S. did not expect that the situation will resolve soon. In parts, fighting would continue, “not only because ISIL, but also al-Nusra, is not part of any coalition and it is hostile toward U.S, is going to continue fights,” Obama said.

With the reached ceasefire, all the parties need to end attacks, including aerial bomb and the humanitarian help must be allowed to arrive in the areas under siege, Obama explained.

As Obama added, the process in Vienna for Syria is clear and looks for  a more inclusive government, a new Constitution followed by a free elections. “Such a future cannot include Bashar al-Assad,” Obama said. As Obama said in a statement to the press from the State Department, those are disagreements between us and Russia, between us and Iranians.

Obama briefly talked about developments in the fight to destroy ISIL that U.S. undertakes with 66 other members of the anti-ISIL coalition. As Obama said, the ISIL is not winning, but as he pointed out, “the only way to deal is to end the chaos and civil war in Syria.”

Obama thanked coalition efforts, including Turkey’s engagement along the Syrian border and he said that that results in “flow of foreign fighters in Syria finally appears to be slowing.” As Obama said, ISIL had not a single major operation in Syria and Iraq since last summer.

The President said, he directed his team to accelerate the operation against ISIL on all fronts. As Obama said, coalition efforts resulted that Raqqa is not Caliphate’s capital and that “ISIL is forced to slash the salaries of its fighters, which diminishes their moral.”


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