Greece Reacts After Austria and Balkan States Migrant Crisis Plan

Time: 4:00 p.m. CEST

Greece recalled it ambassador to Austria after Austria hosted a meeting with Balkan state on migrant and refugees crisis, BBC News reports. Greece recalled the ambassador for “consultations” and called the move an “unfriendly act,” BBC News says.”Greek foreign ministry explained, the ambassador was recalled “in order to safeguard the friendly relations between the states and the people of Greece and Austria.”

The reaction of Greece came after Austria, Serbia, Macedonia and other Balkan states set their own steps on Wednesday to limit entry to migrants. On Wednesday, representatives from nine Balkan states attended talks in Austria and agreed to co-ordinate action to limit the flow of migrants.The agreed measures include fingerprinting all entrants and turning back anyone without a passport or having fake documents. In addition, the countries could accept only those of need of protection. Some governments considers only Syrians and Iraqis.

As the New York Times says, “the ministers set standards for migrants, which would need to provide to be registered in their countries, to recognize formally that each state was responsible for protecting its borders, and to offer support to Macedonia, whose border with Greece has become the latest focal point for migrants trying to make their way to Germany and other prosperous Northern European nations. The Greek police forcibly removed Afghan protesters from train tracks along the border with Macedonia on Tuesday.”

Ministers from EU and Balkan nations are meeting in Brussels to try to find common solution. EU interior ministers will hear the plan set by Austria and Balkan countries. Only last year, one million migrants arrived in EU. More than 400 have died in the Mediterranean trying to enter Turkey or Greece.




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