President Obama Will Travel Cuba on March 21

Time: 6:56 p.m. CEST

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will travel to Cuba on March 21-22, the White House announced today, after Obama tweeted the news on his official Twitter account.

After the tweet, president’s  deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes explained the need for a visit with an article on Today’s announcement is a huge step toward successfully rejecting failed policies that are rooted in the Cold War and creating opportunities that will engage and empower the Cuban people, Rhodes explained in Medium. “We intensified the negotiations, which culminated with the visit of Secretary of State John Kerry to raise American flag,” Rhodes said during the news briefing of white House press secretary Josh Earnest on Thursday. We have made number of regulatory changes to increase trade with Cuba, Rhodes said.

As Rhodes explained, “Increase trade, commerce and travel is going to benefit the U.S. companies, in interest of operating the Cuban, but ultimately will benefit the Cuban people. We have a potential to significantly increase travel links with the announcement that we will be restoring direct flight between the U.S. and Cuba for the first time for several decades. That would allow up to 110 flights to Cuba every day, that is more people-to-people engagement and more opening between our two countries.”

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