What Zaev Said During Interview On TVSitel?

Time: 11:00 a.m. CEST

Social Democratic Union of Macedonia party would not participate on the possible early elections on April 24 if the voter’s list is not thoroughly scrutinized and if there is not regulation of the media, Zoran Zaev, president of SDSM said in an interview with Dragan Pavlovik-Latas on private broadcaster with national concession TVSitel.

For Zaev, those prerequisites are also important as it is the Election Day date.

The April 24 is one of the points in Prizino Agreement, but Zaev said, “remaining points are also important and they should be fulfilled. In a several highly toned exchange between the TV host and interviewee, Zaev explained his opinion on the developments in the negotiations for the implementation of the June/July agreement among political parties and the diplomatic representatives of the European Union and The United States.

“The State Election Commission is an independent institution, which will tell when the voter’s list will be examine closely. Our estimates are in accordance with the law and the methodology. Eighty five to 90 days are required for verification of voter’s list with all stages.”

“How many days,?” asked Pavlovik.

“From 85 to 90,” Zaev responded.

“Because you said 15 days is enough,” Pavlovik asked

“Fifteen days is to complete one phase according to the methodology, then it s field confirmation, confronting 10 data bases, from 85 to 90 days. We heard from Chichakovski (president of SEC) they are yet to begin. “Once the procedure is complete, we asked for the elections, they will occur,” Zaev said.

According to Zaev, the regulation of the media is important part of the talks. Zaev said that DUI, DPA accepted the international community’s proposal about media, but only VMRO-DPMNE and Macedonian Association of Journalists (other journalism association, aside AJM) are against. AJM has accepted the proposal of the international community, Zaev said, and if necessary SDSM, will accept the proposal for the media, but from the international community, and will require of the state institutions.

Zaev insisted that media should publish the reported intercepted conversations, which he said, are from “unauthorized eavesdropping, from secret services of the Republic of Macedonia.” According to Zaev, media have a duty to share them, in accordance with the Law on Anti-Corruption. This exchange came after Pavlovik asked Zaev who gives him a permission to publish Pavlovik’s conversations.

On February 9, 2015 Zaev started with disclosures of series of the reported intercepted conversations of various state officials. During the interview Zaev explained that SDSM delivered 1.050.000 calls to the Special Prosecution, on which Zaev said there is no need for the official record on the submission. But, Zaev correlated the case with the case of the criminal charges against him, when prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski (State Public Prosecution) did not give him any record to him. (for acceptance of the materials)

According to Zaev, in the indictment against Zaev, Zvrlevski said, “the secret services of Macedonia are those who wiretapped, it is in the indictment against me. There are three claims. That it has been made with the equipment, the technical equipment” of the department inside the Ministry of Interior.

Zaev explained his disbelief in the system (subjective evaluation of the interview) during the ruling of Gruevski and admitted that the state institutions have checked four times his property. He said he would be in the court for the next hearing in the case “Bribe” and he would prove his innocence.

As Zaev stated, the special prosecutor was established under the absolute rule of Nikola Gruevski, 58 mayors of VMRO-DPMNE, 62 members of the Parliament, president of the state. The special prosecution is set, “to reveal all the crimes, with final purpose it there is no evidence to reject criminal charges, and if there is evidence to confirm that evidence with indictments.” “That is the expectation,” Zaev Said.

During the interview TVSItel broadcasted graphics with the alleged Viber app communication between Zaev and person Katerina Ivanova Beqiri about events in correlations with the alleged forged identity cards. Zaev denied the conversation and said that is not true.

Zaev showed during the interview documents related, as he said, to the property of Pavlovik, which he denied. Earlier in the interview, Pavlovik called graphics with finance of Zaev’s family and firms.

Zaev questioned the number of 205 million euros, mentioned as a turnover of the companies, and confronted Pavlovik with, as he said, property list of a property of 454 thousands square meters on Kozuf Mountain. Pavlovik asked if he could sue Zaev for this claim, which he responded with, “Yes, you can.”

“I am not afraid of you,” Zaev said during the interview. Zaev was on TVSitel’s interview after a period of 10 years. In the recent months, when the negotiation about media regulations started, Zaev pointed out several media, private broadcaster as the “enemies” of their political party.

“You behave as a political enemy of the political party SDSM, you are media, you are editor-in-chief, and journalists who created stories, behave as a political enemies,” said Zaev in the opening part of interview, when Pavlovik said, “Welcome to the enemies.”

In about one hour of the exchange, the interlocutors pointed out toward themselves various claims and words such as “lie” or ‘ suspected criminals.’ Turks in Macedonia, their political parties reacted strongly on the part when Pavlovik related their nationality in context of Zaev’s behavior. In the newscast after the interview he offered apology for that, but the organizations announced protests.


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