President Obama: No Doubt America is Better Today Than I Took Office

Time: 9:46 p.m. CEST

President Barack Obama returned in Springfield, Illinois, where he started political career to deliver a post State of the Union speech at the Illinois General Assembly. Much of the speech Obama delivered in Springfield, where he announced his candidacy for the president, contained messages of accomplished things in the past years. But, Obama shared some regrets with the audience, about the polarization in the politics.

“It is been noted often by pundits that the tone of our politics has not gotten better since I was inaugurated. It is gotten worse. Yet, there are still this gap between the magnitude of our challenges and smallness of our politics, which why in State of the Union address and in the one before that I had acknowledge that one of mine few regrets is mine ability to reduce the polarization and meanness in our politics. I was able to do that here, but I could not translated the way I wanted to into our politics in Washington.”

Obama said that it is not because he is a president and the polarization and the gridlock are frustrating to him, “the fact is we have gotten a hack of lot done in these past seven year despite the gridlock.” Obama pointed out that they saved the economy from a depression.

“We brought back auto industry from the brink of the collapse. We helped our business great and create 14 million new jobs, we cut the unemployment rate from 10% to 4,9%. We covered nearly 18 million more Americans with health insurance, we ignited clean energy revolution, we got Bin Laden, we brought the waste majority of our troops home to families,” Obama said.

According to the President, “There is no doubt that America is better today than when I took office.”


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