Snow is Nice, But Snowstorm Hits East Coast

Time: 9:03 p.m. CEST


The first major snowstorm hits the East Coast on Saturday, media in the United States extensively write, publish or broadcast about all aspects of the weather impact on the daily life.

The snowstorm affected transportation, travel and for some, paralyzed their daily activities until the end of the severe weather conditions. As the New York Times said, officials throughput the Mid-Atlantic region warned days could pass before the residents could finish digging out through the snow. In New York, Governor Andrew M.Cuomo declared a state of emergency and issued a travel ban.



“Snowzilla” influenced the D.C. Metropolitan area, while some residents enjoyed the freezing temperatures and playing outside in the snow.


For homeless, the snowstorm means seeking walls, food and warm liquids inside the overcrowded shelters.

“Total snow accumulations of 16 to 30 inches are expected with some 30-36 inch totals well north and west of the District (Frederick and Loudoun counties). 20-30 inches totals will be most common in the immediate metro region. Totals in the 12-20 inch range are most likely near the Bay into Southern Maryland,” the Washington Post writes.

In Virginia, officials, as the Post writes, “there have been 3,037 power outages and National Guard deployed 535 members across the state.”

According to website that tracks cancelation of flights, “the storm stranded airline passengers up and down the East Coast, with 4,726 flights canceled on Saturday and 1,180 canceled for Sunday.”

In response to the weather situation, the Post is suspending its paywall on the Web during the weekend to offer necessary information about the weather and safety information.


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