The Election Day Date Delays Przino Agreement

Time: 7:44 a.m. CEST

The destiny of Przino Agreement is looking wobbly after a missed chance for a compromise between the government and the opposition with the mediation of EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn on the date for the elections.

July 15 agreement agreed among four political parties president and European Union is facing challenges after last talks organized by the European Union in Skopje are fruitless. After a marathon session at the Residency of the European Union in Skopje’s neighborhood Przino, the European Union Commissioner Johannes Hahn said “he asked of EU mediator Peter van Houte to stay and to try to ease all the efforts to arbitrate, to negotiate, in particular when it came to the situation with the media.”

But, the regulation of the laws for media environment and regulatory bodies with the European Audiovisual Policy was not even close to the disagreements, as it was the defined date for an early elections on April 24, 2016. As, it was pre-announced before Commissioner Hahn arrival in Skopje, opposition Social Democratic Union of Macedonia requested for a clean elections, unconvinced that the pre-scheduled date would fulfill the requirements connected with the voters lists.

“It was not possible to reach an  agreement in a way that all four political parties are committed to the elections on April 24 as it was agreed with June/July agreement,” Hahn stated in Skopje. The president of SDSM, Zoran Zaev was clear in his statement that if the elections are on April 24, we would not take part on those elections, but we would continue to fight for fair and democratic conditions for elections, free and democratic Macedonia.” Zaev stated.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski who submitted conditional resignation to the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia blamed Zaev for the outcome of the yesterday’s session of talks. “Zaev spend 12 hours for the request to not have elections according to the Przino Agreement,” Gruevski stated after the meeting.

Before returning to Brussels with the promise he would visit the country again, Hahn stated that they would deploy the european institutions and organizations necessary to control and monitor the situation before and for the elections. Hahn reiterated the assurances of EU and OSCE/ODHIR mission for the commitment to free elections on his twitter account.

But, aside Zaev, a day earlier about 70 non-governmental organizations requested with a letter to Hahn new date for elections, unconvinced that the fair and democratic elections are possible on April 24.

The United States Ambassador Jess Baily was behind the Commissioner Hahn early Saturday, when Hahn open his statement to the reporters that the country “it is in very difficult strategic situation.”

The U.S. Embassy in Macedonia reacted with a statement published on AlsatmTV with regrets that four political leaders did not succeed to reach a consensus for the remaining issues. The U.S. wants Macedonia to succeed and the way to do that is throughout verifiable elections. That would ask of the four political parties to came with non-easy solutions,” the statement said


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