Six Died In Attack In Jakarta, Indonesia

Time: 8:37 a.m.CEST

Embed from Getty Images

Indonesia’s head of the national intelligence agency Sutiyoso excluded a possibility that Islamic State group is behind a gun and bomb attack in Jakarta, in which, at least six people have been killed, Reuters reports. “This is definitively terrorism, but there are no indications yet that it is ISIS related,” said Sutiyoso. Militants carried out a gun and bomb assault in the center of the Indonesian capital, as police announced. BBCNews reports that police in Jakarta said, at least four suspected attackers are dead. Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo condemned the “act of terror,” but urged for calm. The attack started with an initial blast outside the Sarinah shopping center in Jakarta. It was followed by more than an hour of gunfire and reports on further explosions. Police cordoned the area. Regardless, no one claimed responsibility for the attack, between 150-200 Indonesians possibly were in Syria to fight with Islamic State militants, BBC News adds.


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