White House: Our Sailors Are Safe

Time: 10:31 p.m. CEST

Despite the official assurances Iran gave to the United States, 10 U.S. sailors will remain in custody until Wednesday, senior defense officials said to the Daily Beast informs. The White House press secretary Josh Earnest talked to CNN’s Jake Tapper and said that the United States sailors, which are in the Iranian custody are safe.

“We are still learning more about this particular incident, so I don’t want to say anything on the base of unconfirmed information that we have at this point. We have received assurances from Iranians that our sailors are safe,” Earnest said to Tapper. CNN reported that a U.S. defense official told to the network on the situation and that officials expects resolving of the situation. CNN says, “Secretary of State John Kerry called his Iranian counterpart to try to resolve the matter.”

The U.S. could not confirm if the vessels, intentionally entered Iranian waters. The vessels were sailing near Farsi Island. CNN says, “Farsi Island is an area where the Iranian Revolutionary Guard — which the semi-official Fars News agency said detained the service members — tends to operate, and they are much more aggressive than the Iranian Navy.” A U.S. official said that it is believed that the sailors were still pierside as of late Tuesday afternoon. The official added that it is possible that one of the boats lost propulsion and drifted into Iranian waters.


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