Reports Aid Convoy Enters Madaya

Time: 4:23 p.m. CEST

A convoy with aid, food and other necessities begin to enter in the besieged rebel-held Syrian town of Madaya, BBC News reported. The United Nations said that the convoy carries enough food to last 40,000 people for a month. Residents are trapped by a government blockade and are without food since October last year. The convoy should ensure enough supplies after the UN had credible reports that people started to die of starvation inside the besieged places.

The first three lorries of supplies have now entered Madaya, a BBC Arabic correspondent says, with the rest of the convoy awaiting permission to enter. “Aid is also set to be delivered to two villages besieged by rebel forces in the northern province of Idlib under a deal between the warring parties,” BBC News says. About 20,000 people were trapped since March inside Foah and Kefraya, were the situation is extremely dire. The UN Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) tweeted a photo of the convoy waiting to enter in Madaya.

Those who support the Syrian government and its Lebanese Hezbollah allies accused the rebel forces for seizing food, even with the post with tables of food mocking the reports for starvation. Madays is on 15 miles (25 kilometers) northwest of Damascus is under siege since early July by the government forces and allies of Lebanon’s Shia Islamist Hezbollah movement.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said the situation in the town is “horrific.” “Hezbollah has denied that there have been any deaths in the town, and accused rebel leaders of preventing people from leaving,” BBC News writes.

A Note: Some news reports refers Madaya as a village, but other describe as a town.



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