Aleksandra Dukovska

Muslims Could Be Majority in Macedonia by 2050, Study Reveals


Time: 9:33 a.m. CEST

Muslims in the Republic of Macedonia could outnumber the Christians in the country by 2050, according to a report published by the Pew Research Center in April 2015.

With 59, 3 % of most Christian population in 2010, Macedonia could gain majority of Muslim population of 56.2 % by 2050, as the study The future of world religion: Population world projections, 2010-2050 reveals.

However, Macedonia is not alone in sharing this trend, where the countries could have a different religious majority in 2050 than they did in 2010.

As the study show, the some countries with Christian majorities could decline from 159 to 151, as the Christians will drop below 50% of the population in Australia, Benin, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Republic of Macedonia and the United Kingdom.

The study of the Pew Research Center reveals that Muslims in 2050 could be more than 50% of the population in 51 countries, two more than 2010, as both the Republic of Macedonia and Nigeria are projected to have a very large Christian population.

However, the study notifies Nigeria will have a very large Christian population, as it is projected to have third largest Christian population in the world by 2050, after the United States and Brazil. But, France, New Zealand and the Netherlands are expected to be unaffiliated in terms of the religious dominance in the countries.

Overall, as the National Public Radio writes, by the end of the century, Muslims could outnumber Christians for the first time in history, as Pew Research Center says. NPR says, Christianity is the world’s largest religion and represents a third of the world’s population with 2.2 billion adherents.

The study informs that Islam grows faster than other religions and by 2050 it will make up 30 percent of the world population. As Pew Research Center explains, Muslims could nearly equal the number of Christians by 2050, and if Islam’s growth spurt continues, Muslims could outnumber Christians soon after the year 2070.

As the study explains, “by 2050, nearly a quarter of Europeans (23%) are expected to have no religious affiliation, and Muslims will make up about 10% of the region’s population, up from 5.9% in 2010.” The Christianity would shift toward sub-Saharan Africa, with nearly 40 percent of the world’s Christianity by 2050, which is different from 2010, when 25.5 percent of the Christian population populated Europe.

Report acknowledges that Jews are tiny part of the global population with projected decline not visible “when percentages are rounded to one decimal place.” According to the study, Jews comprised 0.20% of the world’s population in 2010 and are projected on 0.17% in 2050.