Protest in Skopje: Clean Air is Our Future

Time: 8:00 p.m. CEST

Several days residents of Skopje, Tetovo and other cities in Macedonia face large concentrations of PM10 particles, even four times in higher values than recommended and accepted by the international organizations. Regardless high values that are dangerous for the health, supporters responded to the call of about 20 citizen organizations for a peaceful protest in front of the government building in Skopje.

At 5:00 p.m. CEST, the time when the protest began, the Ministry for Environment, which measures the air quality in Skopje, recorded four-time higher level of PM10 particles in Skopje’s Municipality Center (Центар). The system measured over 200 mg/m³, which is four-time higher than values of allowed 50mg/m³.

The alarming situation prompted government to react with recommendations to the communities, ask for temporary closure of factories, use of one car by several people, but residents and non-governmental organizations demanded concrete actions in the winter period.

Gorjan Jovanovski

Gorjan Jovanovski, a developer, who created the web application My air (Мој воздух), said “he created the application to raise the conscience this issue exists and that without common work this problem would not vanish.”

Members of NGO “Eco Guerilla” from Tetovo supported the protest, arriving from Tetovo, where the application of Jovanovski used by residents of Tetovo, some days shows the increased level of PM10 Particles, which is over 900 mg/m³.

Organizers of the “Exit for Air,” protest send their message for improvements of air quality in the cities. The supporters of the social media campaign tweeted under hashtag #НеСеДише (We cannot breathe). The organizers announced possible blockades of cities after January 15 and introduced set of measurements, which they think are important, including limited use of automobiles and other improvements.


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