President Obama: ‘No Specific Threat on Homeland, We Need To Remain Vigilant’

Time: 7:17 p.m. CEST

President Barack Obama announced on Thursday from the National Counterterrorism Center in McLean, Virginia, that “at this moment our intelligence and counterintelligence professionals do not have specific and credible threat on the homeland.” But, “we need to remain vigilant,” Obama said talking after he received the updates on security situation from NCTC.

Obama reiterate what he indicated in his address to the nation next week, “we are in the new phase of terrorism, including lone actors and small groups of terrorists like those in San Bernardino.” Because they are smaller, often self-initiating and self-motivating they are harder to detect, and that makes harder to prevent.” “But, just as threat evolves, so do we,” Obama explained.

As Obama pointed out, “Part of our meeting today focused on how we can continue to strengthen our partnership between law enforcement, high-tech leaders, communities, faith leaders, and citizens.”

Working among the different actors in the communities are of greatest importance. “We got to keeping build on trust and cooperation that helps communities to inoculate themselves from the kind of the propaganda ISIL is spewing out, preventing their love ones, especially young people from succumbing to terrorist ideology in the first place,” Obama explained.

“One of the greatest weapons against terrorism is our strength and resilience as a people,” Obama said.

The President said “the mission to protect homeland goes on three main fronts.”

“As I describe in Pentagon, we are hitting ISIL harder than ever in Syria and Iraq, taking their leaders, and we are sending the message, if you target Americans, you would not have a safe heaven. We are doing everything in our power to prevent terrorist from getting into to the United States, we are doing more with countries around the world, including our European partners to prevent the flow of foreign terrorist fighters, both to the places like Iraq and Syria and back to our countries. We are implementing additional layers of security to visitors who come here on visa-waiver program and we are working with the Congress for further improvements.”

“Any refugee coming to the United States, some of them victims of terrorism themselves would continue to get, the most extensive scrutiny of any arrival. They go up to two years vetting, including biometric screening. Review that I order into fiancee-visa program, on which the female terrorist in San Bernardino came in is ongoing. We are stepping up our efforts to prevent attacks here at home. The NCTS is constantly sharing information with a state and local partners. Across the country more than 100 joint terrorism task forces are action of this fight, all working together to disrupt threats. Yesterday, Homeland updated its alert system to make sure that Americans are getting most timely information.”

Obama visited NCTC also in October 6, 2009.


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