President Obama Signs Education Bill

Time: 10:36 p.m. CEST

President Barack Obama signed the bipartisan bill the Every Student Succeeds Act, a replacement for the unpopular federal education law know as initiative No Child Left Behind, the National Public Radiothe National Public Radio reports. As the NPR writes, the new changes will “scale back” the role of the federal government in the education.” While ESSA keeps in place the basic testing requirements of No Child Left Behind, it strips away many of the high stakes that had been attached to student scores,” NPR says.

The states will now have a job to evaluate the schools and will decided to fix them. The overhaul bill now does not contain the requirement, which was introduced by the Obama administration, that states “use student scores to evaluate teachers.” “The new law, which passed the House and Senate with rare, resounding bipartisan support, would also expand access to high-quality preschool,” NPR explains.

“It often forced schools and school districts into cookie-cutter reforms that didn’t always produce the kinds of results that we wanted to see,” Obama said before the signing ceremony. President George W. Bush signed MCLB in 2002 and it aimed to update an older law called the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.


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