Katica Janeva Announces Special Prosecution Begins Work

Time: 2:45 p.m. CEST

Photography and writing by Aleksandra Dukovska

Katica Janeva
Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva leaves the building of Council of Prosecutors after her team of 12 prosecutors sworn that will respect the laws and the Constitution in their work.

Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva announced today in Skopje after the swearing-in ceremony at the Council of Prosecutors for 12 members of her team that they would begin to work on Monday. Janeva responded to the reporters’ questions in front of the building of the Council of Prosecutors, that they do not know what is the number of the cases and that they would request the cases from the institutions from Monday.

Janeva said on Thursday that people submitted many cases with different content than the scope of their work on the cases from the reported intercepted conversations. Janeva did not want to comment the yesterday’s decision by the Primary Court Skopje 1, which confirmed the decision of the judge in first instance and claimed the intercepted conversations as invalid evidence in the court procedures. Even though the decision was published on the court’s website, Janeva said that no one delivered to them such decision.

Reporters asked questions on the plans for work of the Special Prosecution, what kind of cases they would work in, and when they plan to begin to overtake the cases related to the reported intercepted conversations.

Mrs. Janeva stated that she hopes there would be no pressures upon their work. Janeva said she has no message for Marko Zvrlevski, current State Public Prosecutor, who said it would submit the initiative to the Constitutional Court in Macedonia for review of the constitutionality of the Law on Special Prosecutor, previously approved by the Assembly.

“I have no message for Marko Zvrlevski. He is a public prosecutor of Republic of Macedonia and I do respect him,” Janeva stated after the swearing-in ceremony of 12 deputy prosecutors she chose to work for the Special Prosecutor. Each of the 12 prosecutors would have two investigators and two associates to work with them on the cases. Janeva and her team should work in the former offices of the Agency for Youth and Sport.

Signing of statements
Prosecutors of the Special Prosecution sworn and signed the statements at the Council of Prosecutors in Skopje.

Prosecutors Janeva chose to work with her sworn today after they confirmation by the Council of Public Prosecutors was postponed two weeks after the deadline specified in the Przino Agreement.


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