Attacks in Turkey on Several Locations Caused Fatalities

Time:11:47 a.m. CEST

Monday started in Turkey with several breaking news on attacks over a police station, the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul and a mine attack in Turkey’s southeast with fatalities.

CNNTurk reported on Monday that one police officer and two assailants “have been killed after a car bomb attack against a police station in Istanbul’s Sultanbeyli district.” Istanbul Police Department said in a statement that, “The car bomb, which exploded at about 1:00 a.m. on August 10,” injured seven civilians, two policemen and a deputy police chief, Hurryiet Daily News reports.

Injured are transferred to the nearby hospital. Police closed the roads toward police station. Despite the lost of a life of a police officer, parts of the police station collapsed. Fire erupted after explosion and caused damage to the surrounding buildings.

According to reports by Doğan News Agency (DHA), the director of the bomb disposal team, Beyazıt Çeken was killed during the clashes, Hurryiet Daily News writes. The agency also reported that the police seized bodies of two assailants. Police clashed with attackers who opened fire on police. Police apprehend one of the attackers, while a female militant was injured. A video by DHA shows the moment of a police officer in action toward an attacker that is close to one of the walls of the Consulate.

In other attack, attackers targeted the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul. Two attackers opened fire on the U.S. consulate building in Istanbul on August 10 and fled when police shot back, broadcaster CNNTürk  said. Doğan News Agency reported those involved in the attack on the building in Istanbul’s Sarıyer district included one man and one woman. The woman was apprehended at a house she took refuge in.

A soldier died on Monday after Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) members opened fire on “a military helicopter in Turkey’s southeastern Sirnak province,” Hurryiet Daily News reports. Hurryiet Daily News explains, “The Skorsky model helicopter was attacked by anti-aircraft guns and rocket-propelled grenades as it was deploying military personnel in the Beytüşşebap district. According to initial reports, one soldier was killed and one was wounded in the attack. The wounded soldier was taken to a local hospital.” After the attack, Turkish Cobra helicopters bombarded areas where the PKK had “fled to in an air-supported operation.”


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