President Obama Announces Re-Opening of US Embassy in Cuba

Time: 6:18 p.m. CEST

In January of 1961, the year when the President Barack Obama was born, President Dwight Eisenhower announced termination in the relations between the U.S. and Cuba. Fifty-four years later, Obama announced restoration of the relations with Cuba. The process that started last December will be rounded up this summer with re-establishing of the diplomatic relations between two countries.

Obama announced on Wednesday that United Stated would formally re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba and would re-open embassies. In the statement from the White House, the progress achieved today demonstrates we should not be “imprisoned by the past,” President Obama said.

Secretary of State John Kerry will take part in the ceremony of re-opening of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba. State Department is already working with Cuban’s counterparts on details for re-opening of the embassies.

“Later this summer Secretary Kerry would travel to Havana to formally, proudly raise American flag of our Embassy once more,” Obama explained. In the statement Obama delivered from the White House, the president appealed for end of the embargo with Cuba. “I have called on Congress to take steps to lift the embargo that prevents Americans to travel and doing business in Cuba,” Obama said.

“The approach of isolation does not worked for 50 years,” Obama said. The President underline that “no one expects Cuba to transform over night,” but he believes that “engagement” policy is the best way to support Cuba.

However, Obama said, the U.S. would not hesitate to speak in situations that contradicts the values of freedom of speech and assembling, ability to access the information. Moreover, President Obama thinks that, “decades of U.S. isolation of Cuba have failed to accomplish our objective of empowering Cubans to build an open and democratic country.”

According to the letter President Barack Obama sent to Cuba’s President Raul Castro, the re-establishment of the diplomatic missions will be on July 20. in his letter to Castro, Obama said, “this is an important step forward in the process of normalizing relations.”

Obama Letter to Castro
Courtesy of the White House Facebook Account

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