Turkish President Says Town in Syria Under Islamic State group Siege is About to Fail

Time 10:56 p.m. CEST Update Oct.7; 2:04 p.m.

The Associated Press tweets about the statement of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who said the town in Syria under Islamic State siege is about to fail. “There has to be cooperation with those who are fighting on the ground,” Erdogan said. According to him the airstrikes might not be enough.

The situation about Kobane provokes the protests across Turkey, where protesters in support of Kobane ended injured as this photograph of Turkish Agence Le Journal shows. As protests spurred across Turkey, Hurryeit Daily News reports about  “Hakan Buksur, 25, who was reportedly hit and killed by live ammunition as police hit protesters with bullets, tear gas and water cannon in the eastern province of Muş’s Varto district.”

About 400 people died in the fights for Kobane since mid-September, as Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Tuesday. About 219 members of Islamic State group lost lives, 163 members that died are of the Kurdish militia, and about 20 civilians died. Media report about continuous fighting in Kobene on Tuesday. The U.S. Department of defense informs on the air strikes in help of the Syrian Kurd fighters who struggle to protect the city.

Courtesy of BBC News&Google

The airstrikes hit the following targets:

  • In Syria, two airstrikes west of Al-Hasakah successfully struck multiple ISIL buildings, including an air observation building and staging areas;
  • Another airstrike northeast of Dayr az Zawr successfully struck an ISIL staging area and an IED production facility;
  • One airstrike south of Kobane destroyed three ISIL armed vehicles and damaged another;
  • A strike southeast of Kobane destroyed an ISIL armed vehicle carrying anti-aircraft artillery;
  • Two airstrikes southwest of Kobane damaged an ISIL tank; another airstrike south of Kobane destroyed an ISIL unit;
  • One airstrike southwest of Rabiyah struck a small group of ISIL fighters.


People’s Protection Units, YPG are engaged in the urban fighting in the streets on the Syrian town of Kobane, as various media and social media accounts inform on Monday. BBC News reports, Islamic State militants have entered the important border town of Kobane and “are engaged in street-to-street fighting with Syrian Kurd defenders.”

As reporters say the Islamic State fighters entered eastern districts raising their black flag on the buildings and high ground. A local official, Idriss Nassan, said to BBC, Islamic State group controls Mistenur and the heavy shelling arrives from the direction of the strategic hill.

Even the United Kingdom based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said the Islamic State fighters entered “100 meters into Kobane.” Kobane is a city close to the Turkish-Syrian border. The Islamic State fighters attempt to over take the city and expand the territory they hold inside Syria, and previously in Iraq, as the want to create possible state in the parts of the territories across the Middle East. More over, the closeness of the city to the border with Turkey creates additional problems as it could involve Turkey into war with Syria.

On Monday, in the interview with CNN Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Turkey would be willing to put its troops on the ground, “if others do their part.” “We are ready to do everything if there is a clear strategy that after ISIS, we can be sure that our border will be protected, ” said Davutoglu in an interview with Christiane Amanpour aired on Monday.

However, as BBC News reports, “Correspondents say Turkey is reluctant to lend support to the Kurdish forces in the town because they are allied to the PKK, banned as a terrorist organization in Turkey.” First severe fight between Kurdish fighters and the Islamic State fighters clashed on Friday near the key Syrian town Kobane close to the Turkish border.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO would protect Turkey if “any spillover” in Turkey as consequence of the violence in Syria. The U.S. Central Command said U.S.-led forces carried out airstrikes south of Kobane.

Despite the air strike of the U.S. in support of Kurdish peshmerga fighters, Islamic State group besiege the city on Friday, advancing on a few kilometers of the eastern and southeastern edges of Kobane. Reporters located on the Turkish side of the border “the heavy mortar fire” and “plums of white smoke” are coming from the direction of the city, reported Hurryiet Daily News on Friday.

Turkish NARPhoto independent agency publishes the photograph of the developments near the border between Syria and Turkey.


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