Search for MH370 in Deep as 12 Empire State Buildings

Time 9.33 a.m. CEST

Released map on planned search for MH370 on April 11, 2014. Photo File: JACC
Released map on planned search for MH370 on April 11, 2014. Photo File: JACC

The search for missing MH370 continues on Friday in two areas in the proximity of 46,713 square kilometers (17.760 square miles) in southwest Indian Ocean .

It is an enormous search fight compared either to locate a needle in the haystack or as much as to imagine as deep as 12 Empire State buildings. With the area that narrows down each day, it could be a matter of time, that the search efforts would give results.

The vessel Ocean Shield with the towed pinger locator continues search in Indian Ocean to locate black boxes of missing Malaysian Airlines jetliner. As the advertised life of beacon batteries ended on April 8.

“It is vital to glean as much information as possible while the batteries on the underwater locator beacons may still be active, ” said on Friday the Chief Coordinator of the Joint Agency Coordination Centre, retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston.

In coordinated activities with Ocean Shield, the aircraft AP-3C Orion continue with their acoustic search, with three more missions planned for Friday, pronounces Houston. And that decision when to deploy Autonomous Underwater Vehicle will be “made on advice from experts that are on the Ocean Shield.”

The Australian Joint Acoustic Centre analyzed the acoustic data detected by a RAAF AP 3C Orion on Thursday and determined “they are not related with the underwater locator beacon.”

Houston confirmed on Friday the fifth signal picked in the underwater search for missing MH370 is “unlikely related to the aircraft black boxes.”

Further, he said that on the information he has, “no major breakthrough in the search for MH370” happened, and he would give further information when they become available. He announced additional analysis by the Australian Joint Acoustic Centre.

Despite dismissed, the fifth signal by the JACC, Australian Prime minister Tony Abbott said: “The officials are ‘very confident,’ acoustic signals belongs from the black boxes.”

The search, has not found in more than month-long search operation, any possible wreckage’s of the plane. And the search continuously offers potential new evidence, probable signals, some refuted, some point of deeper analysis.

On Thursday, the Chief Coordinator of the Joint Agency Coordination Centre, Air Chief Marshal, Angus Houston (Ret’d) said sonar buoys conducting and acoustic search detected “a possible signal in the vicinity of the Australian Defense Vessel Ocean Shield.” The signal would require further analysis. “The signal shows potential of being a man-made source, ” says Houston  in Thursday update on the search.

The search area for MH370 gradually narrowed down of April 8, from 77,580 (29, 729 square miles) to reach 57, 923 square kilometers  (22,007 square miles)on April 10. According to Joint Agency Coordination Center, press releases, the search area on April 9, was 75,423 square kilometers (28,957 square miles). The narrowing down of search area gives more hope to locate the missing jetliner.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority gradually narrowed down search area from the period JACC coordinates with search activities and after the information on acoustic signals detected by Ocean Shield.

Data on the search area are available in the JACC information for media, and this shows how broad was the area before the detection of acoustic signals during the previous weekend.

On April 7, the search area was 234,000 square kilometers (90,347 square miles)

On April 6, the search area was 216,000 square kilometers (83, 398 square miles)

On April 5, the search area was 217,000 square kilometers (83, 784 square miles)

On April 4, the search area was 217, 000 square kilometers (83, 784 square miles)

On April 3, the search area was 223,000 square kilometers (86, 100 square miles)

On April 2, the search area was 221,000 square kilometers (85, 328 square miles)

On April 1, the search area was about 120,000 square kilometers (46, 332 square miles)

International search for missing MH370, and the attempts to locate any possible debris of the plane is probably challenging as to “locate a needle in the thousand haystacks.” CNN’s Matthew Chance was about nine hours in the air over the Indian Ocean with one of the aircraft of New Zealand Aviation included in the search for MH370. Here is the video of what, appears to be now, an endless search for the missing plane.

For a comparison, what searching into Ocean deep waters means, NBCNews creates an animation, and compared that those who search, try to locate any possible debris in something that could be an area that is “as deep as 12 Empire State buildings below the surface of the Indian Ocean.” This is how might look comparison what 15.000 feet (4.500 meters) mean to other things.

And, this is how the events unfolded in previous days. With more than one month since the missing of MH370,  enormous international joint efforts now focuses to locate any possible debris that could answer to: What caused possible end of the  flight MH370 into Indian Ocean?

Ocean Shield ship with towed pinger locator detected two more signals afternoon, the Joint Agency Coordination Center chief Angus Houston said on Wednesday, April 9. The ship detected signals on Tuesday afternoon and in the evening. Ocean Shield detected a signal that lest five minutes and 32 seconds, and another one that lasted about seven minutes.

“The Towed Pinger Locator deployed from the Australian Defense Vessel, Ocean Shield, has detected signals consistent with those emitted by aircraft black boxes, ” confirmed JACC. With the previous two signals detected during the weekend, this gives a total of four detected signal by Australian Ocean Shield from past weekend until Wednesday.

“Ocean Shield has now detected four transmissions in the same broad area,” retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston said. “Yesterday’s signals will assist in better defining a reduced and much more manageable search area on the ocean floor.

The signals are detected in a depth of 4.500 meters, or 15.000 feet.

JACC says the underwater search continues on April 9, with ADV Ocean Shield at the northern end of the defined search area, and Chinese ship Haixun 01 and HMS Echo at the southern end.Up to 11 military aircraft, four civil aircraft and 14 ships will assist in today’s search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, informs JACC.

On Wednesday, Australian Maritime Safety Authority has planned a search area of about 75,423 square kilometers.

On March 8, Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200er did not arrive on the scheduled location to the International Airport in Beijing. The flight MH370 travelled with 227 passengers, and 12 crew members from Kuala Lumpur.


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