Search Efforts For MH370 Focused 2500 Kilometers South-West of Perth Will Continue on Friday

2.15 p.m. CEST Update March, 20, 2014 8.06 a.m. CEST 2.31 p.m. CEST

A member of Australian Navy photographed in the cockpit of RAAF AP-3C Orion. Australia participates in the searching efforts in the southern corridor for a missing flight MH370.
A member of Australian Navy photographed in the cockpit of RAAF AP-3C Orion. Australia participates in the searching efforts in the southern corridor for a missing flight MH370.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority says they completed search for March 20, and the search effort will continue on Friday in the southern corridor of search. “Four aircraft were tasked by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority on Thursday to a 23,000 square kilometre area about 2500 kilometers (about 1550 miles) south-west of Perth, ” stated AMSA on their website.

AMSA confirmed the imagery date is March 16, and that because of detailed analysis information were given to AMSA on Thursday morning. According to AMSA “a total of six merchant ships have assisted in the search since a shipping broadcast was issued on Monday night. “They add “The Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Success is also en route to the search area.”

Poor weather visibility makes search in the Indian Ocean of the area where satellite locate possible debris harder, as Royal Australian Air Force that arrived in the area at 1.50 p.m. Australian Time reports nothing spotted at the location. Neither U.S. Navy Poseidon-8 that arrived at 3. p.m. local time reports on possible debris. New Zealand Orion that needed to depart at 4 p.m. local time will search the area until 8 p.m. Australian time.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority Rescue Coordination Centre Australia, “has received satellite imagery of objects possibly related to the search for the missing aircraft, flight MH370.” Although, the images are from the satellite, “they may not be related to the aircraft”, says AMSA on their website in update from March 20, 2014 on the rescue operation.

Object possibly associated with MH370. Courtesy of AMSA The imagery date is March 16, 2014

The imagery are of the vicinity of search area, and AMSA in coordination with Royal New Zealand Navy and the USA Navy send aircrafts for further investigation. The aircrafts are “reoriented to the area 2500 kilometers south-west of Perth.”

On a news conference on Thursday, General Manager of AMSA’s Emergency Response Division, John Young says the objects on the imagery are with credible size, with largest that could be of 24 meters,(78 feet).” Another released satellite imagery shows a possible floating object in Indian Ocean with size of 5 meters.(16 feet)


AMSA is doing everything for search and rescue operation and if further analysis shows connection with MH370 that will put more accurate effort than before. Young points out they have two-forms of analysis, one is of the USA National Transportation and Safety Board, and imagery of numbered of objects, that need further assessments.

Earlier, on Wednesday, the whereabouts of missing plane of Malaysian Airlines MH370 is unknown even after 11 days of intensive international search, an effort coordinated, until now, by Malaysian authorities.

As days pass various information, and explanations on what might happen emerge on the surface. Either from investigation efforts, either from the stories, or experts media pursue in an attempt to find any answer of might have happened.

The searching efforts continue in two corridors: northern, Thailand-Kazakhstan, and southern, Indonesia-South Indian Ocean. The search now contains land surface, in addition to search in Ocean waters. The search includes Navies and their assets from Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, the USA.


In desperate efforts to find any answer that might give the clue what happened to the flight, Malaysian authorities say on Wednesday, March 19, some data have been erased on February 3, from the flight simulator police took from the home of the 53-year-old pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah. Media in the USA publishes, Malaysian authorities ask Federal Bureau of Investigation, already present in Malaysia to assists in recovering of deleted files.

On Tuesday, March 18, 2014, Malaysian Authorities say they all work on all possibilities related to missing plane, and all options are open until the search teams retrieve the black boxes, which hold critical data on the flight and voice recordings from the cockpit. Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, the director general of Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation, talked on Tuesday’s news conference.

After Malaysian authorities asked of China to re-look at the passenger’s manifests, checks of 153 Chinese passengers give no red flags or connections to terror.

China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei on Tuesday says that in after request of the Malaysian side they “mobilized satellites and radars to search in the northern corridor inside China’s territory.”

Thailand ‘s Air Chief Marshal Prajin Jantong says to reporters that an air-force radar detected blips from an unknown aircraft. That might correspond with an earlier information the missing plane changed the path of flaying before vanished from radars.

The air-force radar in southern Surat Thani province gets the blips from an unidentified aircraft that might belong to the jetliner. That information came after officers recheck through the history of radar records, even though they say earlier, the radar detected only “brief data from MH370, as flight never passed Thailand.

Investigators now will be checking previous Malaysian military radar data against the Thai data to see if they can confirm locations for the plane and possibly a direction it was heading in order to narrow the search area, aviation safety experts said.

On Monday, March 17, 2014, Malaysian acting Defense and Transportation minister Hishammudin Hussein says the effort to find the missing plane represents ” diplomatic, technological, and logistical challenge.”

ACARS and Transponder

On Monday, Malaysian authorities say the last conversation with the cockpit was at 1.19 a.m. when a copilot Fariq Hamid says, “All right, good night.” The latest communication, before a transponder stopped emitting signals through ACARS was at 1.07 a.m. Malaysian authorities say the plane could have vanished between that time 1.07 a.m., and next 30 minutes, when the system supposedly needed to send another signal. Therefore, authorities believe the system was deliberately shut down between 1.07 a.m. and 1.37 a.m. Earlier, the authorities say the transponder was turned off at 1.21 a.m.

Boeing 777-200ER is a plane that has the Aircraft and Communications Addressing System (ACARS) that uses radio or satellite signals to send data. Transponders are “an electronic device that produces a response when it receives a radio-frequency interrogation. They report, “an aircraft’s altitude, speed, directional heading and identification code to air traffic controllers and nearby aircraft, using an electronic format that syncs with radar. And the identification codes tell controllers which blip is which flight, something radar has no way to detect.”

On Saturday, Malaysian Prime minister Najib Razak introduced information on what might have happened with the plane.

Most of the world media with reporters in Malaysia inform Razak says something that acting minister of transportation and defense says and that Malaysian authorities look at “all possibilities, including involvement of pilot or crew in whatever happened.”

Prime minister Razak says the deviation on the path of the plane was “consistent with deliberate action.” According to AFP “last satellite contact from the plane was more than six hours after primary radar was lost, but added there was no confirmation the plane had been hijacked.” Wall Street Journal says last satellite contact from flight MH370 was at 8.11 a.m. Malaysia time.

He informed that investigators ended the search in South China Sea and focuses on corridors along Thailand-Kazakhstan or Indonesia-South Indian Ocean, and that is the area reportedly the flight sent last communication.

The flight MH370 disappeared from radar at 1.30 a.m. local time on Saturday, March 8, 2014.

The investigation, according to Malaysia Prime minister also focuses on crew and passengers on the flight. According to Malaysia Prime minister Razak, transponders and other systems were switched off. He talks on news conference on March 15, 2014, at a hotel near Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang.

A reliable information until know are the size and scope of international crews engaged in the search for the missing airplane, as uncertainty rise among relatives, or friends of the passengers and crew members on MH370 flight. Pakistan is one of the countries that offered its help on Thursday for the search efforts.

Searching efforts and explanations

One of the possible explanations on which online edition of ABC News writes on Thursday is that U.S. officials think the missing jetliner “may have crashed in the Indian Ocean and is moving the destroyer USS Kidd to the area to begin searching.” In addition to this, ABC News says, U.S. official thought about the possibility the airplane flew four or five hours after disappearing from radars and reportedly went down to the water.

Nevertheless, there is no official confirmation on this, or other versions on what happen to the airplane. Malaysian authorities denied the information the plane was in the air for additional four hours after went missing on radar.

On Thursday, Malaysian Acting Transport and Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, says, “Rolls-Royce and the Boeing team are here in Kuala Lumpur and are working with us and the investigation team since Sunday, these issues have never been raised, ” reports China Xinhua news agency. Hussein says they are working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation and Safety Board.

They work on the issue of a possible turn back of the airplane, as ABC News reports. He also says FAA and NTSB suggest that authorities in Malaysia need to deploy resources to conduct a search “on the western side of the peninsula.”

NTSB published on March 12, 2014 that plans no further release of information on the absent flight, as experts on air-traffic control, and radar are providing technical assistance to the Malaysian authorities who are working on locating the missing jetliner.

On a news conference on Wednesday, White House press secretary Jay Carney explains on the international effort in the search for missing plane. Carney points out an U.S. Navy P-3C Orion aircraft from Kadena Airbase in Okinawa participates in the long search, and USS Pinckney Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer, and USS Kidd class are in the vicinity.

Civil aviation of Vietnam on March 12, asked Malaysia to confirm information from military radar signals captured in Malacca Strait and explain has not received official confirmation from the relevant authorities in Malaysia. On their website, they say AN26 aircraft and CASA continue the search on the south. Malaysian authorities say on Thursday, they did not find anything at the location pointed of China’s government on Wednesday.

China’s State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense release on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, a satellite pictures taken on March 9 that show floating objects. The coordinate for the object as they were spotted by China satellites are 105 degrees 63 minutes east longitude, 6 degrees 7 minutes north latitude. The sizes of objects are: 13 by 18 meters, 14 by 19 meters, and 24 by 22 meters.

Even though the search area for the missing MH370 flight now covers 27.000 square miles (69.930km2) no promising signs on any result of the vanished plane. Malaysian authorities decided to enlarge search area in the desperate efforts to locate missing Malaysia Airline Flight Mh370 on Wednesday, March 12, 2014.

Searching efforts to locate missing Malaysia Airplane MH370 continues on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, as no valid information exists, until now, on the destiny of the plane and passengers who traveled with the flight MH370. The searching efforts include ships and aircrafts from nine countries.

The search area covers more than 14,000 km2.

Republic of Singapore’s Navy posted on their Facebook account on Tuesday that “approximately 380 nautical miles (700km) North of Singapore, as search operations of pre-assigned sector’s progress steadily, the crew of RSS Steadfast and RSS Vigour are constantly on the lookout for any signs of the missing aircraft.”

Earlier, Malaysian officials say they will include in the search “more of the Gulf of Thailand between Malayisa and Vietnam and land along the Malay Peninsula.” Search continues into day four after Malaysian Airline on flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing vanished from radars.

The Malaysian military says on Tuesday “it has radar evidence showing the missing Boeing 777 jetliner changed course and made it to the Malacca Strait, hundreds of kilometers (miles) away from the last location reported by civilian authorities,” reports the Associated Press.

While search efforts continue, Interpol says it is “unlikely” the missing of the flight MH370 is related to terrorism, on Tuesday’s news conference.

Interpol Secretary General Ronald K.Noble says he “inclined to believe we are moving towards a human smuggling, not necessary terrorism.” Interpol says only two passports of those onboard in the flight MH370 is in their database for stolen passports.

Washington Post writes on Tuesday: “Qin Gang, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, pushed Malaysia on Tuesday to “step up efforts” in its search and to perform “other follow-up works, including comforting the relatives.”

On Monday, Malaysian authorities identified Eouria Nour Mohammed Mehrdad as a 19-year-old who was trying to emigrate in Germany and who was onboard with stolen Austrian passport.

Malaysian Police issues another CCTV imagery of the person who reportedly traveled with stolen passport of an Italian citizen on the flight.

The flight crew

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah of Malaysia with 18, 365 flight hours and First officer Fariq Hamid of Malaysia with 2,763 flight hours in Malaysia Airlines were among 12 members crew on the flightMH370.

They are both missing, together with other 237 passengers and members of the crew, as the flight all were onboard did not reach the safe landing harbor at International Airport in Beijing. No matter, 10 countries participate in the desperate search for any trace of the missing plane; no official included in the investigation confirms the search gives results.

The results of the search until know are information and denial of that information, mostly with details about various spotted objects during the search. Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam publishes some of that information as their crews pursue with the search and then leave to Malaysian authority’s data, and location for checking the information. On March 10, they published on their website; the search and rescue crews spotted object, later set out to be ” a moss-covered cap of a cable reel.”

Later during the search, Malaysian authorities open an investigation on two pilots and looked with other countries to check passengers manifest, although that search also did nit offer more information what happened with MH370 flight.

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