Is Yanukovuch under a warrant by police?

An elderly woman sits on a park bench as masked protesters stand atop a barricade near Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine. Caption and Photography Courtesy of Ed Ou/iOS photo

Time 5.14 p.m. CEST

Russian Prime minister Dimitry Medvedev in a surprising reaction on Monday to the events in Ukraine, stated Russia’s doubts in the “legitimacy of Ukraine’s new authorities,” and said: “they conduct an armed mutiny.”

If one is ousted President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, it must be a challenging time to be in Ukraine, country with state debts of $73 billion and about $6 billion are due to pay this year.

In the atmosphere of temporary legal vacuum, it is unknown if Yanukovych faces possible destiny as executed Romanian former head of state Nicolae Ceausescu.

Yanukovich’s life turns dramatically as he signed the Agreement with opposition representatives on solving the three-months crisis. Will he share the destiny of the country torn between various voices of pro-European, pro-Russian, and pro-Ukraine sentiments of people in Ukraine?

In the time of great uncertainty for the future of Ukraine, Yanukovych appeared to be wanted by police for what happened in Ukraine most recently.

Acting Minister of Interior in Ukraine, Arsen Avakov posted on his FP page profile details on Yanukovuch’s movement in the past days, as the information he needs to be pursued.

Avakov’s FB post gain attention as he writes details on Yanukovych’s movement since he left Kiev on Friday night. Ukraine’s Ministry of Interior offers no official information on their website on the potential warrant for Yanukovych.

According to the post of Avakov, Yanukovych flight with an airplane to Kharkov, then on Saturday he was in Donetsk, and after that he went to Krym.

On February 23, 2014, he arrived to Belbek airport, but was prevented to leave the country. Avakov writes, Yanukovych was in Balaklava and that is the last location he appeared after missing in unknown location.

Searching process for ousted President Yanukovych, allegedly headed to the pro-Russian parts of Ukraine apparently continues, as Baroness Cathrine Ashton visits the country.

Ukraine asks for about $35 billion in help from donors for the next two years on the day European Union Foreign Policy chief Cathrine Ashton visits Ukraine on Monday.

While, the USA State Departement acknowledged the legitimacy of Ukrainian Parliament and urged the country toward election and stabilization, Russian Prime minister Dimitry Medved in a surprising reaction on Monday to the events in Ukraine, stated Russia’s doubts in the “legitimacy of Ukraine’s new authorities,” and said: “they conduct an armed mutiny.” Russia recalled its Ambassador in Ukraine for consultation on Sunday.

The protests on EuroMaidan Sqaure in Ukraine started on November 31, 2013 after Yanukovych decided to postpone signature to the Association Agreement with EU. More than 70 people, including police officers lost their lives, according to Ukraine Health Ministry.

Ousted President Yanukovich, who appeared in the televised statement said considers this as “a coup,” agreed on early presidential election and returning of 2004 Constitution in Ukraine before to left Kiev.

The Parliament in Ukraine should vote for an interim government. Both the USA and EU support territorial integrity of Ukraine, as pro-Russian protests emerge in Sevastopol, the second largest port in Ukraine and base for both Russian and Ukrainian Fleets.


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