Unrest on protests in Okmeydani, Istanbul

Okmaydani Istanbul_police gas bombs protests
Fire on the streets on Okmeydani neighborhood in Istanbul and protesters with red scarfs on faces run. Courtesy of Diren Gezi Parki FB account.September 9, 2013

10.54 p.m. CEST

As Olympic Games dream of Istanbul fades away media in Turkey focus on sporadic protests along with clashes between people gathered to protest and riot police units and members.  At least in two cities Ankara and Istanbul, students, citizens and members of political parties in opposition protests on the streets while riot police try to break the resistance.

Media and Social Media accounts in Turkey share news on active clashes between police and protesters inside neighborhoods in Ankara and Istanbul. According to Diren Gezi Parki FB account, police reportedly attacked protesters in Okmeydani neighborhood, that connects Kagitane and Sisli in Istanbul.

Pictures from media and social media accounts show young protesters with red scarfs and riot police with riot police vehicles (TOMA) in occasional clashes on Monday. The protests were in support of  one teenager who is in coma from the period of Gezi protests in June. Berkin ELvan, 14 -year-old teenager is on coma, as reported in the media, a gas canister or rubber bullet hit him during demonstration in Gezi in June.

Police presence met the protesters, according to the video of Hurryiet online edition, website http://hurryiet.com.tr  in Okmeydani and prevent they to reach Istanbul Courthouse in Çağlayan. The idea of the protest was to ask the justice for those officers, allegedly involved in injure of Elvan.  According to the pictures and videos from the spot, riot police used tear gas and water cannons and rubber bullets, while some of the protesters thrown Molotov cocktails toward police and police armored vehicles.

During the Gezi Protests in Turkey five person, among them one police officer, lost their lives. Since the crack down of the protests organized inside Gezi Park, police in Istanbul prevents any attempt for organizing protests near Gezi Park, Taksim Square and nearby neighborhoods.


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